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we are a laboratory

of intelligence in nutrition

we seek to build collective nutritional intelligence through Nutrition Thinking® to generate global impact.


we believe in the power of nutrition!

In new ways of building diets that balance the needs of individuals and society as a whole; new ideas that address global challenges; new strategies that result in differences that matter; and a sense of purpose that includes all people involved.

For us, every nutritional problem has a decisive human factor. And it is from it that we project new realities. After all, nutrition only happens when it is made for and by people.

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a powerful approach to enacting the end of old diets

Nutrition Thinking® emerges as a proposal by the Brazilian nutritionist Francisca Mosele to bring nutrition closer to the human from the perspective of design to, through the transposition of the values and methodologies developed by design thinking, put these tools in the hands of people who truly face their nutritional challenges. .

Nutrition Thinking® is based on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, to develop ideas that have emotional meaning as well as functional meaning beyond macro and micronutrients. It is not just a proposal centered on the human being, but human by nature. We benefit from capabilities that we all have, but that are neglected by conventional practices.

"the best
diet designed"

For Nutrition Thinking® Co. the development of an authentic and sustainable diet depends on creating innovative associations and combinations of plans, models, feelings, experiences and facts, a mental process defined as creativity.

We are inspired by the opportunity that motivates the search for solutions from new forms of dialogue that stimulate creativity and connect people to what they want to design the best diet through Nutrition Thinking®.

We believe in meaningful nutritional experiences and in creative processes that permeate the (de)construction of connections, the development of skills and the understanding necessary to (re)create a unique, authentic and sustainable diet, incredibly simple in its conduct and that translate into meaning for everyone.

we connect people and nutritionists

around the world on a journey that brings fast, thought-provoking and personalized learning of the skills needed to co-create the best diet


X experience

our diet co-creation experience

We believe that every person has the potential to be the designer of their own diet. Let's get out of the abstract plan of ready-made diets to create and test new ideas, solutions and hypotheses in real life, where your best diet really happens. 


school _

our professional expansion experience

At Nutrition Thinking® Co., we appropriate nutritionists with the necessary skills to work in an ultra-connected world that requires professionals capable of acting in a more empathic, collaborative and experimental way.



our partnership program

We offer a training system in Nutrition Thinking®, innovation and entrepreneurship for you to grow exponentially. At NT®PRO you will be part of a revolutionary movement that drives professional growth. 




co-created diets




certified professionals



people directly impacted

"In saying that Nutrition Thinking® was born from people for people, I risk stating the obvious, but many of the most important insights that gave rise to what we today define as a nutrition transformation movement are due to them.  Over the course of 10 years as a nutritionist, I had the great fortune to live with 3196 incredible people who shared with me a creative concern for more meaningful nutritional experiences and, through their stories, significantly influenced my way of thinking about nutrition.

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Francisca Mosele


Founder of Nutrition Thinking®  

CEO  Nutrition Thinking ® Co.

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