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The most innovative way to co-create diets for you to transform your way of thinking about nutrition.






In person or online, an immersive co-creation experience that combines one-on-one sessions with real-life nutritional experiences .


The Nutrition Thinking® approach is flexible and can be part of any type of challenge and timing. You are free to build your own journey. 

the best diet does not yet exist and will surely be designed with you

We believe that every person has the potential to be the designer of their own diet. That's why we created Nutrition Thinking® Xperience, a unique journey that brings you in a quick, thought-provoking and personalized way to learn the skills needed to co-create the best diet.

Regardless of your desire or need, every time they pass through your food, we will be there to be part of this great experience. Through Nutrition Thinking® we will leave the abstract plan of paper schemes and ready-made diets to create and test new ideas, solutions and hypotheses in real life, where your best diet really happens.

a melhor dieta

we open the diet code

It is common to relate diets to something scientifically advanced or totally new and whose workings cannot be easily understood. Nutrition Thinking® demystifies the complexity on which diets are based by recognizing that they are all based on something that already exists, on something that someone created based on other things that also existed. We share this code from the beginning of the process to co-create the best diet.

we transform our approach into three journeys


for you to develop


The co-creation of your best diet starts with a reflection on yourself. The proposal is to provoke and stimulate an investigation into its functioning, characteristics and more emerging abilities, so that you can understand the points you want to develop or use as a superpower. Get off autopilot, to act with more awareness and clarity. 


We believe that there are no ready-made paths, so we bring inspiration, new concepts and tools throughout the project so that you can direct your journey according to what makes the most sense for you. Throughout our experience, this reflection is stimulated with methods and frameworks that provoke this posture of appropriation to encourage you to adapt and create your own reality.


The learning we believe goes beyond the rational and mental, it is related to feeling and experiencing experiences. Throughout the project we experimented with different forms of learning, from the most rational to the most practical and experiential, with the aim of stimulating our cognitive system in different ways. All of this makes co-creating your best diet a great experience of discovery and innovation.

what our NThinkers say

what else?


in your time

ultra flexible schedule to be part of your routine and adapt to your time zone.


face to face or online

the same experience created in our CoLabs also lived through Zoom sessions


agile and dynamic

the co-created prototype turns into a project arriving in your email within 24 hours


create your network

your project continuum is through the impact of your learning on the people you inspire


live your best diet

through skills developed based on their own experiences

NT® X is made
with you

that like us, the possibility of living the experience of "learn - unlearn - relearn" about nutrition is open to become the designer of your best diet. 

and your person
(which is also ours)

what? چی? what?何? hva? מה? what? какие? τι?什麼? how?お 気 に 入 り? پسندیدن? how? αρέσει? sound? ?ו? I like it? подобно?喜歡? why? why?な ぜ? why?為什麼? Зачем? Pourquoi? چرا? Hvorfor? Γιατί?


we answer

in summary
(how it works )


connect to us

You can do it here. It's time to choose how our connection will be, who will be your person and, your best time.

Xtart your journey 

This is our starting point. In contrast to the traditional view of nutrition, for us there is no “best way” to go through the process.

bring your ideas to life

From inspiration to idealization, from the process of generating, developing and testing ideas, this is the time to connect our actions to your reality.

define the iteration continuum

We built our journey with "the plane flying". Here you are free to define the continuity of the process point-to-point for each session.

lifelong learning

The best diet will not be unique throughout life, but the result of different learning cycles in nutrition and spin-offs to new challenges.

freedom to create your journey

After choosing the format to Xtart your Xperience, choose your partner on this journey. You will schedule the XTART session and make the payment via an invoice sent to your e-mail. Iteration sessions will be scheduled directly with your partner throughout the project. Payment is made via an invoice sent by email at the time of booking.

** Face-to-face format

available in Porto Alegre RS - Brazil.

Xtart online

U$ 199.75*

cash value via PayPal or Credit card


*Value of Xtart session.

The iteration sessions cost U$ 159.57 each and will be scheduled between us at the end of each of our sessions.

Scheduling and cancellation policies

Face-to-face Xtart**

U$ 259.75*


cash value via PayPal or Credit card


*Value of Xtart session.

The iteration sessions cost U$ 199.57 each and will be scheduled between us at the end of each of our sessions.  

Scheduling and cancellation policies


talk to Silvana
our natural intelligence

cancellation policy

Within up to 7 (seven) calendar days after payment, you will have the right to request the cancellation, as well as the full refund of the amount paid, less administrative charges. After the approval of the cancellation request by Nutrition Thinking® Co., we will contact you to request your bank details for the refund, which will take place within 7 (seven) business days. From the 8th (eighth) calendar day after payment, you will have the right to request cancellation, however, there will be no refund of the amount paid.

reschedule policy

All sessions are held by appointment. The dates and times are defined by you on our website or with our partner throughout the process. You can change the date and/or time with up to  48 hours notice in your login area without fees. If the change is necessary after this period, you will need to contact our team on +55 51 98187.0449. The NTColearning period is 30 days from the Xtart schedule, changing dates may interfere in the period between sessions.

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