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Hey, it's hard to describe myself in a text, but starting with what I am professionally! I am a nutritionist graduated from PUCRS, Master and Doctor in Pharmacology, as well as a specialist in intensive care (also from PUCRS) and eating behavior (IPGS). By chance, before taking nutrition, I took a few semesters of design and architecture. Within my professional trajectory, since I graduated, I have been immersed in basic research where I have written and published several international articles and won some awards. During this immersion in the laboratory, I noticed that what I most enjoyed doing was helping and teaching people, and being a nutritionist is exactly that! It's not just dietary prescriptions, it's talking and helping people in their lives, going beyond food. After all, eating is life, it's part of life and it's all interconnected. Going further, Nutrition Thinking®️ Co. has been the answer to all my anxieties since ever, as I felt isolated in the nutrition world when I looked around. That's why I love this approach so much and want to pass this knowledge on to as many people as possible. Talking about Raquel outside nutrition: I love music and art, teas, dogs (I'm one of those people who say hi to dogs on the street), I'm a bit of a perfectionist, a "highly sensitive person", besides being completely passionate about yoga and all over the universe that comes together with this beautiful philosophy. I wait for you to share this new path


Online or face-to-face, an immersive co-creation experience that combines one-on-one sessions with real-life nutritional experiences.

where does it happen

Online sessions are performed on NT®Verse via Zoom.  

The in-person sessions are held at our CoLab located at Francisco Ferrer street 453, room 403, Rio Branco - Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil.

office hours

NT®CoLeaning Online  

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

NT®CoLeaning CoLab (in person)

Mondays and Tuesdays - 8:00 to 20:00

duration of our journey


Nutrition Thinking® approach is flexible and can be part of any kind of challenge and timing. You are free to build your own journey. 

what we will live together in NT®Xperience

our journey starts with Xtart and, from there, we follow the paths that our project will take us


[one-to-one session | duration 60 minutes]

At the beginning of our journey together, more than understanding the challenge and looking for the best solution within the existing ones, we started exploring scenarios and new possibilities for you to appropriate the main fundamentals, concepts and logic behind the construction of diets for structure our prototype of yours that within 24 hours will be in your email.


[15 days duration between one-to-one sessions]


From paper to execution, after structuring your diet it's time to take our prototype into real life, testing initial solutions to discover new insights and paths. As we are projecting the future, we cannot simply cling to past experiences, we need to live new experiences, 


[one-to-one session | duration of action 30 minutes]


It's time to turn the lessons collected in the field into actions to improve our solution, transforming the co-creation of your diet into a personal development experience. During the process, you learn and discover new fundamental skills to become the designer of your diet in any situation and facing new challenges.


schedule now

Xtart value U$ 197.95

After choosing the format of your plan, you will schedule our XTART through the website and make payment. Iteration sessions has the value of R $ 159.57 each and will be scheduled between us at the end of each of our sessions. Payment is made at each session via a link sent by email.

schedule now

Xtart value in person* R$ 399.75

After choosing the format of your plan, you will schedule our XTART through the website and make payment. The iteration sessions cost BRL 279.57 each and will be scheduled between us at the end of each of our sessions. Payment is made each session through a link sent by email.

* available in Porto Alegre RS - Brazil.

Rua Francisco Ferrer 453, room 403

Rio Branco neighborhood

CEP 90420-140

cancellation policy

Within up to 7 (seven) calendar days after payment, you will have the right to request the cancellation, as well as the full refund of the amount paid, less administrative charges. After the approval of the cancellation request by Nutrition Thinking® Co., we will contact you to request your bank details for the refund, which will take place within 7 (seven) business days. From the 8th (eighth) calendar day after payment, you will have the right to request cancellation, however, there will be no refund of the amount paid.

reschedule policy

All sessions are held by appointment. The dates and times are defined by you on our website or with our partner throughout the process. You can change the date and/or time with up to  48 hours notice in your login area without fees. If the change is necessary after this period, you will need to contact our team on +55 51 98187.0449. The NTColearning period is 30 days from the Xtart schedule, changing dates may interfere in the period between sessions.

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