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a novel view on nutritional processes

The belief in creating an environment where creativity and relationships can guide discovery processes far from preconceived metrics and solutions represents Nutrition Thinking®.

An approach where co-creating nutritional projects leads to the development of skills based on the mutual experimentation of new ways of thinking about the complexity of nutrition.


It is an invitation to transform current situations into preferable ones, capable of bridging the gap between the execution of diets and the creation of unique and transforming nutritional experiences.

"Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones."


Herbert Simon

we design nutrition 

The recognition that the balance between human needs and the available technical resources, considering the practical restrictions of "business", creates a connection between Design and Nutrition, being the basis for the development of Nutrition Thinking®.


Throughout human evolution and the modern science of nutrition, this view has been responsible for the discovery and creation of interventions that transcend time itself. By integrating the desirable from the human point of view with the technological and economically viable, designers, researchers and nutritionists have created the resources that we enjoy today.


With that in mind, Nutrition Thinking® takes the next step transposing this knowledge through design thinking, it puts these tools in the hands of people who really face their own nutritional challenges.


human-centered nutrition

It means that every project begins and is conducted from the perspective of the people with whom new solutions are co-created. This process seeks to create strategies for nutritional challenges that express their real needs. For this to become a reality, Nutrition Thinking® transposes the values of Design Thinking to these processes.


Empathy permeates all stages of Nutrition Thinking®. It is through connecting with people and understanding their perceptions and behaviors that insights are created to guide their processes.


Nutrition Thinking® seeks to address the complexity of nutrition through creativity, pleasure, and fun. It seeks to encourage people in testing these ideas in real life and accepting that failure is part of the learning and development process. It represents a new experience-based learning matrix in nutrition.


Collaboration is essential for co-creating large nutritional projects. For Nutrition Thinking®, sharing skills, information, ideas, and resources between people is the basis for developing the autonomy and sense of responsibility necessary to create meaningful experiences.

Based on the concept of the Double Diamond, Nutrition Thinking® proposes the co-creation of multiple options before the generation of solutions through two fundamental states: the expansion of the understanding of the challenge faced and the refinement of the knowledge acquired to find new associations and meanings. Unlike the traditional analytical approach that encourages choices in the most reasonable direction, Nutrition Thinking® brings more agility, dynamism and a sense of evolution to nutritional processes.

an exploratory model for

co-creating the best diet

an approach about people

Nutrition Thinking® is about people, about understanding their goals and bringing up what food really means to them, and then designing better diets with that meaning in mind. It is about facing complex nutritional problems with a look deeply affected by the perspective of those who face them every day, thus generating a positive impact on the entire food ecosystem.

co-creation team










"Nutrition Thinking® arises from sharing a creative concern for significant nutritional experiences. This uniqueness is the driving force that drives the direction of solutions in building authentic and impactful diets"

Francisca Mosele


Creator of Nutrition Thinking®

CEO Nutrition Thinking ® Co.

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