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"the best

diet designed"

For Nutrition Thinking® Co. the development of an authentic and sustainable diet depends on the creation of innovative associations and combinations of plans, models, feelings, experiences, and facts, a mental process defined as creativity.

We are inspired by the opportunity that motivates the search for solutions based on new forms of dialogues that stimulate creativity and connect people to what they want to design the best diet through Nutrition Thinking®.

We believe in meaningful nutritional experiences and creative processes that permeate the (de)construction of connections, the development of skills, and the necessary understanding to (re)create a unique, authentic, and sustainable diet, incredibly simple to conduct and that translates into meaning for everyone.

anything but the usual

What if the best diet was the end and not the beginning? We question the traditional logic and reverse the process to live great nutritional experiences based on an experimental, unlimited, neutral, and iterative co-creation adventure between people.

We overcame predictability to develop projects based on the ability to learn from uncertainty and chaos to generate insights, bring agility, dynamism, and a sense of evolution in co-creating the best diet.

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we open the diets code

It is common to relate diets to something scientifically advanced or totally new and whose functioning cannot be easily understood. Nutrition Thinking® demystifies the complexity on which diets are based by recognizing that they are all based on something that already exists, on something that someone created based on other things that also existed. We have shared this code since the beginning of the process to co-create the best diet.

a not so linear process of co-creation
(the best diet in 4-phases)


Phase 1


Understanding the challenge from the observations of those facing it defines the beginning of the project.


Phase 2


Translate information into insights, establish connections, (de) build hypotheses, and reframe the challenge.


Phase 3


Generate new ideas with a focus on solving and building diets for testing in real life.


Phase 4


Revisit past experiences and steps to co-create new insights.

the process in
nutrition thinkers´


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and from these stories the inspiration to be part of yours






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