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a powerful approach to enact the end of old diets

more than a nutritional approach, Nutrition Thinking® represents a revolutionary movement in the way we diet and more.

we are people who think and act in the new world, who contest the status quo, seeking innovation through new ways of thinking about nutrition; after all, the best diet only exists if it is suitable for people and the whole world.

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We believe that everyone has the potential to be the designer of their diet. Through Nutrition Thinking®, we will leave the abstract plan of paper schemes and diets ready to create and test new ideas, solutions, and hypotheses in real life, where your best diet happens. 






co-created diets



directly impacted people

Nutrition Thinking®

From the combination of nutrition and design comes Nutrition Thinking®, a powerful approach to ending old diets. We transpose the values and methodologies of design thinking to co-create human-centered diets, bringing more agility, dynamism, and a sense of purpose. We question the traditional prescription logic for you to develop self-awareness, autonomy, and Xpertise in the best diet.


At Nutrition Thinking® Co., we equip nutritionists with the skills needed to work in an ultra-connected world that requires professionals capable of acting more empathetic, collaborative, and experimental. We offer a training system in Nutrition Thinking®, innovation, and entrepreneurship, creating differentiation and the possibility of global performance through a neutral and cross-cultural approach.


After all this training, our partner program is time to grow exponentially. At NT®PRO, you will be part of a revolutionary movement that drives professional growth. In addition to having all the tools to challenge the traditional model, we will be here to bring you together in this new world of possibilities and impact.

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"Nutrition Thinking® was and continues to be an extremely relevant experience for me, as in addition to acquiring more significant knowledge about food, I also had the idea that this is related to everyday life and how a nutritional experience can be revolutionary!"

+ diets + innovation + entrepreneurship

We connect people and nutritionists worldwide in a unique journey that brings the learning of the necessary skills to co-create the best diet in a fast, exciting, and personalized way.

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live the transformative potential of Nutrition Thinking® in

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